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Is your shea butter natural?

Yes, it is completly natural and cold-pressed. There are now chemical additives. The drying process is strictly monitored.

What type of shea butter do you produce?

We produce cold pressed Shea Nilotica butter.

There are typically two types of shea butters produced in Africa. These are either the shea Nilotica (Ugandan shea) butter or the shea Western (West African shea) butter. Both can be used as cocoa butter equivalents or cocoa butter improvers but the shea Nilotica butter is gaining more importance and prominence.

The Nilotica shea butter is soft, creamy, rich in vitamins and easily absorbed through the skin. It carries a light chocolatey cocoa scent making it both a joy to use and to smell.

How is your shea butter produced?

Traditionally, shea butter is a result of either being warm or cold-pressed. Our butter is cold-pressed.

In the warm pressed method, the nuts are heated/roasted and the oil extracted is smooth with a distinct strong nutty smell. Cold pressed shea butter is a result of the nuts being processed through a machine resulting in smooth butters with a light, chocolatey, cocoa-buttery smell.

Both methods result in a smooth butter that is soft and absorbs well into the skin. It can be used once it has been extracted without any further processing.

Do you sell the shea butter directly?

Yes, we do. Orders or further information can be placed/received via return email info@moomegen.com, through this website or by calling the phone number +256702339854.

How do you ensure the quality of your shea butter?

We broadly apply a three-stage quality process. The first stage involves working with and sourcing from the local community to ensure a steady supply of quality shea nuts. Once sourced and stored appropriately, the nuts are processed in the second stage through high-quality oil presses and chamber filters made in Germany and installed in our facility. All the machine parts that come into contact with the shea butter are made of food-grade stainless steel that guarantees high shea butter quality.

In the third stage, we meticulously package the product and through quality control ensure we deliver the best quality possible to our customers.

How much shea butter can I order?

We understand that everyone will have a particular quantity in mind for a particular reason. Our facility has the capacity to produce up to a tonne of shea butter per day. The smallest quantity of butter you can order is 100g.

Can I return the product if I am not satisfied?

Yes, you can. While we work to ensure that you only enjoy the best quality, we understand that sometimes you may not be satisfied with the product you receive. Information on returns will be detailed by email.

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